About Jim Baxter

James H Baxter is the founder, president and CEO of PacketIQ Inc. With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, my diverse technical background includes electronics, RF, satellite, data/telecom, LAN/WAN & voice design, network management, speech techologies, Java/.NET programming, and for most of the last 18 years, working specifically with network and application performance issues. I've earned certifications in various facets of IT technology, and am an active member of the IEEE, Computer Measurement Group (CMG), and Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). In the fall of 2011, I successfully completed the Advanced track of the Intro to Artificial Intelligence course offered online by Stanford University, and continue to follow advancements in this field. I am also a private pilot, hold an Extra class amateur radio license, like to participate in emergency communications preparedness (ham radio) activities, and enjoy playing guitar in a local band (when I have the time).

Sometimes it IS the network: Bandwidth Analysis

Singapore - ToD - 5 Min

Do you know where your links are? In other words, do you really know how much bandwidth is available for your users, especially those accessing applications across WAN links from remote offices? Obviously, having an insufficient amount of available bandwidth Continue reading

Don’t Roll Out an Application Performance Problem

Sinking Ship

If you’re planning to implement a new application that will have remote users accessing application servers via WAN links, you could be getting set up for a support disaster if adequate pre-deployment analysis and preparations aren’t performed. It Depends on Continue reading